COVID-19 Alert

We are open and accepting new applicants. We will continue to follow the proper precautions and safety requirements of the CDC to protect our customers and staff, including the use of gloves and masks. All customers are also required to wear masks.

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David Harris

They provided excellent training. Listen and do what the instructors tell you to do and you will pass. They were extremely flexible and able to work around my work schedule. All of the instructors were highly skilled, proficient and very approachable. One on one time was made available as needed. The student to instructor ratio is good. They maintain an excellent training facility and ensure working vehicles are always available.

The pre-trip is taught in a way that is structured making excellent results easily achievable. Happy Driving.

Timothy Newcombe

This experience will last me a lifetime, I am so glad that I choose Advantage over any other school!!!! The instructors definitely went out of their way to see me through and I recommend anyone interested in driving trucks to go here!!! Thanks for making my dreams come true.

Michael Watson

I recommend this facility to anyone seriously looking to learn how to drive a truck and interested in getting into the industry. There is a school just 15 minutes from my house “in Michigan” that I was debating about going to until I was recommended to take a look at this facility by a relative, turned out to be the best decision I could have made. With being newly married, having just bought a house, and having the 7-hour round trip a week I was a bit worried about my choice. I have heard horror stories about drivers training schools like this so I did a lot of research on facilities both local to my house in Michigan and down here in Illinois. My concern was that I would not get the return needed on my investment of both my time needed to take the class and tuition paid to participate for it to be worth my while. After just a few days in the school you definitely know that the school is there for the individual and the instructors will go above and beyond to ensure that you have the tools needed to succeed as quickly as the student can handle or as slowly as the student may need, everyone graduates and they will not give up on you.

With the drive time that you receive in an actual truck, the curriculum that is in place, and the mentality of the trainers, I would recommend anyone looking to receive as much bang for their buck as possible to seriously consider this school. I will be testing here next week to get my CDL certification and I do it confidentiality after going through the program offered here at Advantage. I do it knowing that if for some reason I did fail that my training will continue and that the school will stand behind me until I have everything need to succeed in the industry. I will continue to recommend this school to anyone looking for a facility that can deliver on their promises.

When you find a situation where value supersedes cost then you find yourself getting a good deal. If you look at this facility in terms of quality of education, time spent at the facility, and the extremely reasonable cost of tuition you begin to see what a good deal your actually getting.


David Soderstrom

A top-notch school with enthusiastic and patient instructors. I couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere to learn the skills required to obtain my class A CDL. I would recommend this school to anyone who has even a remote interest in obtaining their class A!

Stefan Frunze

The best school for CDL training!!! Great and professional team!

Steven Ignacek

The best school around. Other truck driving school say there in great standing with the state and there wrong. This is the only school that is. After I finished the course and passed I went to get my Class A CDL @ the DMV and they asked me where I went & I told them and every DMV out in Illinois say nothing but great things about this school. That should say a lot about a school. This school is the most honest and caring out there. There great. I tell people to this date and I know of a few people that have gone to this school because of me and they say the same great things everyone else says. I love these guys.

100+ Years of Combined Truck Driving Experience