COVID-19 Alert

We are open and accepting new applicants. We will continue to follow the proper precautions and safety requirements of the CDC to protect our customers and staff, including the use of gloves and masks. All customers are also required to wear masks.

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Refresher Courses by Advantage Driver Training

Have you been away from Truck Driving for a while…Possibly pursuing a different career and now want to get behind the wheel again?

Well, most companies request that you complete a refresher driving course. This means that you posses a valid CDL-A license as well as a current medical card but need us to refresh your Pre-Trip and driving skills as well as obtain a “Certificate of Completion” for presentation to prospective employers.

No State testing is required for the refresher course, but after completing a 40-hour minimum driving skills training course, you will be tested by one of our State Certified Instructors and awarded a “Certificate of Completion”, which you can present to a prospective new employer.

100+ Years of Combined Truck Driving Experience