Pre-Trip Training Program

Advanced Pre-Trip Training in Chicagoland

At Advantage Driver Training, we use an advanced, interactive Pre-Trip Training Program. Every student is given online login credentials and the ability to access the program from the computer—wherever you are. This means that you can study at pre-trip sections at home for your own convenience. Some Commercial Driver’s License schools might only have study materials available in the classroom. At Advantage Driver Training, we go the extra mile and provide you with cutting-edge learning programs that help you learn in the best way possible.

Our Pre-Trip interactive program allows you to:

  • Study the endorsement test qualifications that you need the most
  • Learn at your own pace and at your own schedule
  • Selectively focus on certain areas you need more work on, such as the air-brake section

This is another way in which our Chicagoland Commercial Driver’s License school puts the student first and focuses on your learning. If you are ready to start, contact Advantage Driver Training Today by calling (815) 725-5581 as soon as you possibly can.

Our Values

  • We go the extra mile for you.
  • On-site training and testing.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • 5 to 1 student/instructor ratio
  • 70 years of combined truck driving experience